Tiles Resurfacing

Perhaps your tiles are bit old?

Your tiles have lost their glossy look, the grout is old and mouldy and maybe you need a new colour?

Have you priced how much is it to replace tiling? All the demo work involed in removing the old tiles and mess!

Tiling can be the most expensive part of building a kitchen, bathroom or laundry. So why not resurface and save not just money but time? Using state of the art restoration technology, you don’t have to rip off tiles and damage walls because the colour’s faded or, the tiles are scratched or they colour is just plain outdated!

Our refinishing systems can transform your tiles to be ready to use in 12 hours giving you outstanding wear that is chemical and moisture resistant. If you want to save time and money you can have a totally new look in 12 hours!

Here are examples of before and after photo gallery of our work on tilings in Bathroom Showers.