Kitchen Resurfacing – Brisbane’s Better Solution to Renovating

We all spend a significant amount of time in our kitchens. A kitchen is a key selling point to any home because it is THE most used room in the house! Consequently, it can be the most worn out looking room in the house!!


One of the smartest secrets you can discover is kitchen resurfacing. In Brisbane, the most experienced family kitchen resurfacing company is Dudley and Sons – we’ve been updating and renovating kitchens for 35 years, for much, much less than the ‘rip down and rebuild’ option.


The kitchen has always been the most expensive area to renovate in the home, but in Brisbane, the family owned Dudley and Sons have been resurfacing kitchens with little mess and little inconvenience. We can give your kitchen a new lease of life to worn-out kitchen cabinets, benchtops and doors by resurfacing in your choice of designer colours and finishes.


Dudley and Sons, in Brisbane – resurface, don’t renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

Resurfacing - the Durable Alternative to Renovating, for Brisbane Homes

Re-surfacing is a spray on polyurthane process that gives a hard-wearing, easy-clean surface, just like a new kitchen, but at less than half the cost. If your property is in Brisbane, Dudley and Sons resurfacing is better and less expensive alternative.


  • Is your kitchen tired and out-dated, but essentially in good repair? Don’t renovate – resurfacing is the answer.
  • Thinking of selling, and the kitchen needs an overhaul? Resurfacing will add enormous value.
  • Just moved in? Don’t rip it out, resurface! We’ve done thousands of kitchens around Brisbane.


Add a modern new Quartz stone overlay benchtop – the ultimate is cool granite – your new kitchen will look fantastic.


Dudley and Sons, in Brisbane – resurface, don’t renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Call us for a free inspection and quote today.

Add thousands in value to your Brisbane Home by Benchtop and Kitchen Resurfacing

There’s so many great reasons to resurface your kitchen. Usually, your cabinets are in good order – it’s just the visible surfaces which cause problems, and you’ll waste thousands of dollars if you throw it all away.


Benchtops can be very expensive to replace – Dudley and Sons can give your old laminated benchtop a complete resurface makeover, with a new surface which dramatically enhances your kitchen. You eliminate the cost of replacement and the mess and potential damage to tiles – and the resurfacing treatment can look like the trendy new benchtop you’ve been wanting. Dudley and Sons, in Brisbane – resurface, don’t renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

Add a new Quartz Stone overlay over your old Kitchen Benchtop to your Brisbane Home

Did you want a new Quartz stone overlay on your benchtop? If the old one is too damaged, or is buckled or burnt by hot pans, you might think that a new kitchen Quartz stone overlay benchtop is best – and it is!Dudley and Sons, with 35 years renovating and resurfacing around Brisbane, can add a new benchtop overlay very easily.

Our prestige-quality stone benchtops have more than 90% natural quartz with acrylic polymer to provide your kitchen with an incredibly durable, resilient surface that looks utterly stunning – it’s the look of today’s modern kitchen. We spend so much time in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining, it’s the one place that should look fantastic. It’s the look of the discerning homeowner.

Dudley and Sons, in Brisbane – resurface, don’t renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

A Resurfaced Kitchen – Better than New

Around Brisbane, there’s nothing so jaded as yesterday’s colours, or someone else’s ‘taste’. Dudley and Sons, with 35 years in resurfacing in Brisbane, have solved every problem imaginable. It’s an ‘instant renovation’ – like a magical makeover – that costs much less than a ‘rip out’ renovation, with much less stress and disruption.


Imagine it – your friends will love your new kitchen – they’ll be stunned when they walk in and find its so new, so different, so perfect. You can smile, and whisper “It’s a kitchen makeover from Dudley and Sons, the ONLY kitchen resurfacing experts in Brisbane. Dudley and Sons, in Brisbane – resurface, don’t renovate your kitchen or bathroom.


Cabinets get chipped and cracked, tops get stained and lose their finish, and quite honestly, kitchens can simply look out of date – especially the colours!


Dudley and Sons can provide a one stop shop to renovate rather than rebuild by resurfacing splash back tiles , kitchen cupboards to bench tops. We can all so replace kitchen doors if they are badly damaged and resurface the fixed panels (see our range at


A full make over in a fraction of the time it would take to pull out and rebuild, without the headache of managing a multitude of tradesmen. You can save up to 70% on replacement items! So don’t risk your hard-earned money on a building project that may be expensive and give the same results you would get from a resurfacing job that’s beautiful, professional, less expensive and a job that’s going to last!!.

Kitchen Makeover  Brilliant Kitchen Renovations in Brisbane

Resurfacing is the best way to update and renovate your kitchen. Over the years, our resurfacing technology has transformed hundreds of kitchens into sleek, modern symbols of good taste – and great living.  Dudley and Sons are easy to work with and fast on the job. Whether you’re working hard, or just having fun with your family, we make your kitchen makeover easy.

Great Style, Great Colours – Resurface your Kitchen in Brisbane

Kitchens are the heart of the modern home, and Dudley and Sons can update all your kitchen surfaces at a very reasonable price. Our job is to finish the project with minimum disruption, in the fastest time possible, and over the years we’ve become renowned for our efficiency.


Are you interested? Invite us for a cuppa and we can look over your kitchen – we’ll discuss what can be done, then draw up a quote for the resurfacing.


Because we can resurface parts of your kitchen, you can be sure that your kitchen makeover will be less expensive than a full renovation – we provide only the work that is required, so you are not throwing away perfectly good cabinets and fittings which we can re-use.

Kitchen Makeovers in Brisbane Investment Properties

Do you have an investment property? Dudley and Sons understands that cost is a big concern, and we work with you to resurface your kitchen in the most economic manner. We also realise that time is important – we’ve resurfaced countless kitchens in investment properties, so we know how to make it efficient, with good planning and tight administration.

Dudley and Sons – our resurfacing will create a whole new kitchen experience for you.

Kitchen Gallery

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